Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Casey 2013 - Savannah Senior

{Because Casey chose Wright Studios for her senior photographer she will be entered into a drawing for a FREE iPad! And...for all the friends that come to the studio because 'Casey sent them' she will get another entry! Send 5 friends, get 5 entries! Send 10 friends, get 10 entries!! YOU can be entered too!! Heck, I'd be sending my non-friends for those kind of chances!! Just stop by the studio for more information}

Monday, August 20, 2012

These are the moments of our lives...

This picture was our first family picture and will always be my favorite...
It was special because after 2 losses and years of one line instead of two, I thought maybe we'd always be just a family of two. So, the emotion I felt when I saw this picture for the first time on Lifetime Photos blog in Nov. 2006..was pure joy, and gratitude. Gratitude to our God who is ever faithful and full of blessings and mercies, and to the photographer that took my heart and soul and captured it in the most beautiful picture I had ever seen. It still has the place of prominence in our home, it will always be my favorite. And, it is, in essence, what nudged me to be a photographer, I wanted to make people FEEL the way I felt when I first saw this image, and how I feel when I see it everyday in my home. Thank you Alisa Ashenfelter - no dollar amount could ever be placed on this single picture and what it represents to me. The moral of the story- get your picture taken with your family. Find a photographer, any photographer and catalog these days, because all too soon these days will be gone. Don't wait until you lose weight, or until your hair grows out, or until the kids are older, or you have more time, more money, ect.... we are not promised tomorrow, and even if tomorrow comes, it won't look like today. Our children and our families are ever growing, ever changing, and one day, one day not too far away, all we will have will be our memories, the ones in our hearts and the ones on our walls. Your mind might forget the way their little chubby cheek dimples and their hair curled, or their eyes used to be so blue..but the portraits of them never will. They will always remember every single detail...and you'll be glad you took the time and made the investment. Blessings, Teresa

Friday, June 8, 2012

Travis + Cortney = Married!! | McClure Wedding, Dresser Mansion, Tulsa OK

Trade Crockpots for Canvases!

So I had this bright idea.... Wedding photography is expensive! {Wedding photography is A LOT of hard work!!} I find myself often caught between wanting to offer brides and grooms a less expensive option but not wanting working for free and not cover my time and costs from shooting a wedding. So many brides have said..."Oh! I love your work, but can't afford you." :( And I understand that. Especially young couples just starting out in their lives together that have to be budget conscious. So I have come up with a solution! I am now offering a wedding package for the budgeted bride. It's a time only package that comes with no additional products or sessions (ex. engagement). It is 4 hours of wedding coverage: before, ceremony, formals, beginning of reception. The price is $650. Not bad right?! 'Then, how am I going to get my wedding pictures though?' Well, we're going to let your friends and family chip in on that part! So many people these days have all they really need for their home and registering for another set of sheets, or a blender is mainly a formality (because you HAVE to register somewhere!) Why not trade crock pots for canvases?! Let your guests give the gift that lasts a lifetime..your precious wedding memories. Each couple will receive 'registry' cards to include in their shower and wedding invitations giving their guests all the information they need to purchase a gift certificate that they can then use to purchase their wedding photos, albums, etc. Friends and family of the couple can come to the studio and look at the various wedding photo products we offer and discuss what they have in mind to purchase for the couple, or for those guests that have to travel, they can go online to the couples online registry and purchase a gift certificate from there. No last minute shopping, no hauling gifts in cars or airplanes, no department store registry frustration! I am very excited to be offering this wedding package to my brides and potential brides! I hope more brides will be able to say: "I love your work, and I'd love to talk to you about your registry package, I think we can swing that!" Blessings, T

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Miss Hilde

Well, this little sweetie made my job pretty easy this morning! As soon as the camera came out, so did the smiles! She's already a pro! And she loves dress up, that made it even better! It was a joy to photograph Miss Hilde, she was just a doll!!